Vacasol Global Engagement Scholarship


Vacasol GmbH is convinced that it is an advantage for as many students as possible to take part of their education abroad. It is in many ways an advantage for a student to live and study abroad as such a stay help build an international perspective and network. Furthermore, during the stay aproad the students will gain an insight into other cultures and ways of life, and will return with improved language skills.

For these reasons Vacasol GmbH will grant five yearly scholarships for a stay abroad: Vacasol Global Engagement Scholarship.


Once a year we will grant five scholarships each worth 1.000 Euros to support a voluntary or a mandatory stay abroad with a length of at least three months.


You can only apply via email. Download this application form, fill it in and send it to us with the required documentation.

You may apply for a scholarship each year between January 1th and May 31th. It will take 2-3 weeks to process the applications after deadline.

Academic Director

In our view it is important to establish close connections to universities and similar institutions. In this way, we can point out the possibility to apply for support for a stay abroad that we offer to as many students as possible.

Therefore, we are glad to announce that Professor Dr. Hartwig Bohne has accepted to act as Academic Director and Ambassador for Vacasol Global Engagement Scholarship.

Hartwig Bohne

Application requirements

Applicants must meet the following requirements: You are an active student at a University, a Fachhochschule or a similar educational institution in Germany. As documentation, please send in a valid immatriculation certificate. You must study on of the following subjects:

  • Foreign languages
  • History/Culture
  • Real estate management
  • Tourism, Tourism management
  • Hotel/Hospitality management
  • Marketing
  • or similar fields of study



You must send in a description of the purpose of the stay (min. 2 pages) and attach the following items:

  • A description of you personal and professional objectives for the stay
  • A description of your motivation to apply for a scholarship

Recommendation and grades

We require a signed recommendation from a professor or an associate professor in one of the subjects mentioned above. The recommendation must include a description of the objectives, commitment and performance of the applicant.

Further, we require an overview of your grades for the last two semesters.

Selection of recipients

We will place special emphasis on the recommendation from a professor or an associate professor in one of the subjects mentioned above. A commitment in another country, e.g. intercultural activities will be an advantage.

Finally, we will take the applicants’ grades into consideration.

Award of the scholarships

The scholarships will be awarded at the end of June.


We will contact all recipients directly. All recipients will receive a certificate to document that they have been awarded the Vacasol Global Engagement Scholarship.

Each recipient is obligated to send us the following:

  • A report halfway through the stay (min. 1 page), and
  • A final report after the end of the stay (at least 3.000 words and at least four photos).

The reports and (some of) the photos will be published in German at this page along with the names of the recipients.

Payment of the scholarships

The scholarships will be divided into two payments:

80% before the beginning of the stay,

20% after the end of the stay and submission of the halfway report, the final report and the photos.

The payment can only be made to a bank account in the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area). Any transfer fees are not covered. Payment in cash is not possible.

Handling of personal data

We handle all personal data in accordance with GDPR. You can read more about the way we handle personal data in regard to applications on the application form.

You must accept our privacy policy in order to apply for a scholarship.

Former recipients of the Vacasol Global Engagement Scholarship.

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